Conference Room

Temporarily not accepting reservations due to COVID-19

The ELG Building Conference Center is located on the First Floor, opposite the Lobby reception desk. There are two conference rooms and a training room. The conference rooms have moveable partitions that can be sectioned by building staff to create smaller separate conference rooms. Property Management maintains the schedule for the ELG Building Conference Center. Reservations for these rooms can be made through the Property Management office or the Security desk in the main lobby.

For room availability click on the Shared Conference Center link below or contact either Property Management at 360-528-4020 or the Security desk at 360-528-4023.

To request a room, submit a completed reservation form to at least two business days prior to the proposed meeting/event. Click on the Conference Room Reservation Form below. Your reservation will be confirmed via email. Reservations are limited to work related use for DOT or DOC employees located in the Edna Lucille Goodrich Building.

For further information about the sizes, capacity, furniture set-ups and amenities for the various rooms in the ELG Building Conference Center, please consult the Shared Conference Room Guidelines below. The Shared Conference Room Guidelines also describe the use policies for the ELG Building Conference Center and should be read prior to submitting your reservation.

Click here for Conference Center Guidelines and Use Agreement

Click here for Conference Room Reservation Form

Click here for West Plaza Event Reservation Form