Building InfoProperty Management is responsible for monitoring the 770-space surface parking lot as identified in the Parking Management Plan and Commute Trip Reduction Program. All agency/Tenant employees on the Edna Lucille Goodrich Building are eligable to participate.

Click here for a link to the Parking Management Plan.

The agencies/Tenants shall ensure that each employee is informed about the CTR Program as well as the Parking Management Plan, i.e. who is eligible, how to register and how the Parking Management Plan will be monitored and enforced.

Although the parking lot is periodically patrolled by Security, Property Management is not responsible for vehicle theft or damage. Please lock your vehicle at all times, remove valuables or place them in the trunk.

There are over 1000 people moving through the parking lot throughout the day. Please observe the speed limit and stop at all crosswalks for pedestrians. Use caution when entering and exiting your parking space and while driving in the parking lot.


Stickers are required on every vehicle to park in the ELGB Parking Lot. Pick up stickers at the Security Reception Desk for each car you drive to work.

If you arrive to the building alone you must park in open/general parking. If you arrive with a co-worker who also works at ELGB please register at Notify your CTR or ETC and they will authorize and provide a special sticker to park in Preferred Carpool/CTR parking.

Electric vehicle charging stations are located in the Carpool/ CTR Parking area. If you drive an EV you may plug into an outlet until your vehicle is charged or 4 hours maximum. State Exempt Vehicles get priority and may unplug your vehicle. These are designated CTR parking spots and not EV parking.

Yellow curbs are overflow parking only and should not be used if there are stalls available in the open parking lot. Red curbs should never be used for parking and will result in your vehicle being towed. These areas create congestion and visual obstacles which make it dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. Never park in the FIRE LANE it is illegal and you will be towed. Vehicles that meet the criteria below are subject to being towed without notice and at the vehicle owner's expense:

  • Any vehicle parked on a red curb
  • Any vehicle without a valid parking sticker
  • Any vehicle not registered at the security desk if a visitor
  • Any vehicle illegally parked in an ADA stall without properly displaying credentials
  • Any vehicle parked in a Fire Lane
  • Any vehicle blocking any entrance, exit or drive lane
  • Any vehicle with three violations and every violation thereafter (as described in the Parking Management Plan)


ELGB Parking Lot is monitored by Security. There may be occasions when the parking lot is over capacity and parking offsite will be required. Please see Park & Ride Locations at Vanpool, Carpool, Bike to work or free bus service through InterCity Transit using your Star Pass is encouraged.

If you have any questions please contact ELGB Security at 360.528.4023 or Property Management at 360.528.4020.

DOC CTR/ETC 360-725-8463

WSDOT CTR/ETC 360-705-7334


All visitors are required to register their vehicles with Security at the reception desk in the main lobby. Visitors should park in Visitor Parking and if arriving with more than one person may also park in Carpool/Vanpool Parking areas but this must be reported to Security when you arrive. If the lot is full please proceed to open general parking.

Security will require the following information when you sign in: Your full name, photo ID, company or agency, the location where you parked, the make, model and color of your vehicle along with the plate number. They will also be asking the location within the building (room number or department within an agency) you will be visiting and a contact number for your escort. Having all of this information available will expedite your sign in process.

Click here for a link to the ELGB Parking Map.

Parking at ELGB is very limited so Carpool/Vanpool and utilizing the bus is encouraged.

The Edna Lucille Goodrich Building is on the InterCity Transit Routes: 12, 13, 609 and connects with Route 43. InterCity Transit will set an appointment with you & ride the bus with you to help you figure out how to get where you need to go! Visit for all up to date information and resources.