Floor Wardens

Your SafetyFloor Wardens serve as the contact point between the Property Management office and Tenant employees. Floor Wardens ensure that every employee is aware of all emergency procedures and plans, and coordinate Tenant response in an emergency.

Floor Warden Role

Be a visible leader in your agency and on your floor. Share information, encourage advanced planning and act as the calming force in any building emergency. See our example of a Floor Warden Letter to distribute to all employees on your floor.

Maintain a current roster of all physically disabled persons on your assigned floor and assign at least two Special Assistants per physically disabled person. Provide this information to Property Management and update routinely. Ensure that each Special Assistant for physically disabled persons knows his/her role in an evacuation or emergency.

Know emergency exit routes, stairwell locations and where the stairwells exit onto the street. Take a walk down both stairwells to become familiar with the evacuation experience and stairwell exit locations.

Know where emergency intercoms are located and how to use them.

Report any potential fire hazards to Property Management.

Be familiar with your agency’s own emergency response and security procedures, along with those for the building. Also be sure to have additional safety resources and important numbers readily available. Information specific to the Edna Lucille Goodrich Building is provided on the Office Security Tips and Emergency Procedures pages on this website.

Property Management will:

Maintain a current list of Floor Wardens.

Provide current information to support Floor Wardens.

Conduct annual fire drills.