Security Practices

SecurityAccess/Proximity Cards
Access to the building during normal business hours is through the front Lobby doors. All state employees located in the Edna Lucille Goodrich Building will be issued an ID/access badge by their agency. This ID/access badge must be worn in a visible manner at all times while on-site.

All visitors to the building are required to sign-in at the Lobby reception desk.

Do not allow anyone to follow you into the building after business hours. Anyone authorized to enter the building after normal business hours will do so with a programmed ID/access badge. If you encounter someone having difficulty gaining entry to the building, do not let them in. Instead, instruct them to contact Security for assistance.

Security guards are not permitted to open office suites without authorization from an agency Tenant representative.

There are three passenger elevators that service the building. The elevators operate 24-hours a day. A valid ID/access badge is required to operate the elevators at all times (card readers are inside the elevator cabs). Do not allow others to “ride” the elevator with you. Each person must scan their own Access Card to get to their designated floor.

Property Management must be notified in advance if you are expecting an after-hours delivery or service. Delivery or service personnel who arrive after-hours without prior notice will not be granted access to the building.

Deliveries can not be accepted by Property Management staff, Security staff or other vendors. Every effort will be made to contact the proper person for delivery before turning away packages.

Office Access
After-hours visitors, contractors, and vendors will not be allowed access to a Tenant’s premises unless the agency Tenant representative provides a written notice to the Property Management office at least one business day in advance authorizing the visitor access to the Tenant’s suite and only limited access will be supplied.

To maintain building security, it is important that doors remain locked when employees are working in the evening and on weekends, including when they temporarily leave the suite to go to the restroom or run an errand. This reduces the chance that those working off-hours will leave without re-locking the door.

Suspicious Activity
If you encounter a suspicious person or observe suspicious activity, contact Security immediately at 360-528-4023 or your agency Tenant representative.

Report all thefts to Security immediately after discovering an item missing. Be sure to report missing items with a high value to the police at 360-754-4200.

Workplace Violence
Contact Property Management to discuss any potential incident of workplace violence or harassment. Call 911 and then notify Security directly at 360-528-4023 in the event of a dangerous situation. Always move away from an aggressor if possible, and remain calm and non-threatening. Never try to overpower the person or make sudden moves, especially if a weapon is involved.